How Changing your Energy has the Power to Change Your Life

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If you are at a point in your life where you want to create a shift, where you want to feel better and have more success, you may be wondering how to get there and what you need to do.

You will probably be telling yourself that you need to change how you are doing things and employ a different strategy. And that is not wrong – you WILL need to do things differently, but if you are not in the right state, then the strategies won’t work (or at least not as quickly as you would like). Most people do not have a strategy problem, they have a state problem.

So if you want to accelerate the process of success, the first thing you need to do is to change your energetic state.

We all hold a vibrational frequency in our bodies. When there is negative energy or a low vibrational state, it can feel as though everything is impossible and that everything is happening to us.

Our energy state can be affected by both the external world around us as well as our internal world. Of course we can’t control the people and the world around us, but we can protect ourselves from being affected by it.

What this blog post will focus on is what we can do to positively impact our INTERNAL STATE. Once we change this, we will be much more resilient to the external world that we cannot control.

Before we go into those, I must mention the prerequisites for changing your state, i.e. the things that must be in place first before you can start taking action.

  1. DESIRE FOR A BETTER FUTURE – It may seem obvious, but if you’re not actually willing to change, you won’t. You need to have created the vision for a more compelling future and be committed to achieving it.
  1. YOUR NEW IDENTITY – We don’t do what we believe we can, we do what we believe we ARE. Therefore, deciding who you really are is key. The identity you hold will shape all of your choices, so make sure it is a good one.

The good news is that energy is a habit and you can learn to train your nervous system to bring about a higher energetic state. What it comes down to is actually changing the biochemistry in your body. Here are the three key ways you can do that:


Emotion is created by motion. Using and moving your physical body is the easiest way to change your state because it creates a biochemical change in your body. This can involve any kind of movement (clapping, dancing, exercise), using your voice and using your breath. 

If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan (guilty), you’ll probably have heard of the Power pose. This static pose alone when held for two minutes has been found to increase testosterone levels and reduce cortisol levels in the body. But the more dynamic the movement, the more impact on your energy levels.

Consider someone who is feeling depressed vs someone who is feeling excited. What is different about their bodies, their posture, the way they move, the volume and speed at which they speak? Simply changing your body has an immediate impact on how you feel.

  1. FOCUS

Wayne Dyer said “ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” And more powerful than that is whatever you look for, you’ll find. You’ll even see it when it isn’t there. We are constantly looking for evidence to prove our own stories and beliefs which is a major limitation on our experience of the world. You don’t actually experience life, you only experience what you are focussed on, so simply changing your focus can change your experience.

Are you focussing on what you do have in your life or what you don’t? The simple habit of practising gratitude has been found to release dopamine and serotonin from the brain, enhancing your mood and vibrational state.  


The words you use and the meaning you attach to them have the power to change your entire reality. Your language (whether spoken or thought) affects your beliefs and your beliefs also impact your language. Start by paying more attention to the words you use. When you have the awareness, you can make the choice to use different words.

When you say “I’m starving” – are you actually? Or are you just a bit hungry?

When you say you absolutely “can’t” – could you try?

If you think about a thermometer, you have a natural, default temperature. This is equivalent to your ‘normal’ energetic state. Of course, it is natural for this to fluctuate as life is full of ups and downs. But your body will always seek to return to its default temperature setting, whether it goes up or goes down. That is what feels most comfortable to you. What we are trying to do here is to train your body and your mind to increase your default temperature. 

When you can up-level your state you will be in the best position to make important decisions and the strategies you put in place will have the most impact.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn

If you have been struggling to create this shift and want to harness your mind and energy to launch you into the next chapter of your life, I would love to support. Use this link to book in your free 30 minute discovery call. We’ll identify where you currently are in your life, where you want to be and the plan that will help you to get there.

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