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If you’ve still got some Christmas shopping to do or you are looking for some inspiration for yourself to share with family, I have put together list of my top gift ideas for business owners, all of which I use for myself and would highly recommend to support your growth, your wellbeing, your mind as well as some all important luxuries for those me-time moments 🙂

1.Daily Goal Setter by Mal Paper

So I often get asked how I stay organised and on top of all my to-dos and daily demands. It has taken me a while to figure out what works best for me, but personally I use my online google for time blocking, appointments and calls etc BUT I do love putting pen to paper and this daily goal setter is my absolute go to to help me stay productive as a place to write my to dos. It’s the first thing that I open when I sit at my desk in the morning and love that as well as a to-do list, it also has space for gratitude and a daily affirmation – what a perfect way to start the day!

2. Magnetic weekly planner

For busy professionals or mums, meal planning is KEY not only does it help with the  shopping list and avoid wastage but it means you can prep in advance and decide what you’re going to eat on what day, based on everyone’s schedules. I find the fridge is always the best place to keep things like this as it will give you that constant reminder. 

3. Branded Stuff from Papier

As a business owner you can never have too much branded stuff. Personally I love the brand Papier for the style and quality and they have so many lovely products to choose from. Opt for one of these smart branded notebooks, pop your logo on the front and you’ve got yourself somewhere to take notes, keep your to-do list or do your journaling.I also love these branded notecards which are perfect if you  like to send personalised handwritten notes to clients. It’s all in the details I say!!

4. Journal

I can’t recommend enough the habit of keeping a journal, especially for business owners, for whom having a super strong mindset is key. The process of getting things down on paper puts you in touch with your honest, uncensored self and having this awareness is where the power lies in helping you  to grow personally and professionally. It was too hard to choose just one  so I a have included two of my faves here:

Mind Notes from LSW is a gorgeous journal that is designed to help you pinpoint thought and behaviour patterns, encourage the practice of gratitude and use weekly exercises to increase your sense of positive wellbeing for a more fulfilled life. 

The 6-Minute Diary from urbestself is also a favourite and is ideal for those who are short on time but want to make journaling a regular habit. It allocates 3 minutes for the morning and 3 minutes for the evening, as well as pages for weekly and monthly reflection so you can track your progress and gain clarity on your goals.

5. Shopping List

My husband curses me when I send him to do the weekly shop and he ends up having to go down each aisle about 5 times because I have written the list as things come into my mind and unfortunately the lack of logic causes great confusion. I also find that having a paper list is far easier than looking at the notes on my phone, continuously having to re-unlock. Enter a logical, paper and pretty shopping list! Planning a weekly shop saves a lot of stress, time in the supermarket and avoids wastage if you know what you’re making and what you need to get. Every woman in charge of the household needs one!

6. Superhuman app subscription

This is my absolute favourite  meditation app, but not meditation as you may know it. It’s all about meditation in motion because when we meditate in motion, we connect new thoughts to everyday actions. This rewires our brains for positive change. It offers hundreds of guided meditations that are updated daily and includes walking, cleaning, cooking and writing meditations, amongst others. The perfect gift I say for someone who wants to start living their dream future life, whilst feeling calm, motivated and inspired. 

7. Feel better be de app subscription

This really is a one stop shop for easy recipes (plant-based of course), meditations and exercise and I particularly enjoy using it for the huge, diverse library of workout videos. Particularly if you are short on time and just want to squeeze in 10 or 15 minutes of movement in your day, this is so easy to pop on first thing in the morning or as a break part way through your day. And you’ll find yoga and Plates as well as more strength and cardio based workouts by a team of professionals. 

8. Blinkist subscription

If you know a business owner who is all about self-development and can’t get through their stacks of mindset and business books, quick enough, this is the answer. I have actually managed to ‘read’ about 5 or 6 books in a day. It is a mobile app that offers summaries of great nonfiction books’ key insights sometimes in less than 15 minutes! Talk about learning something new every day!

9. Neom wellbeing pod mini diffuser

You know I’m a big believer that our wellbeing always has to come first, and I just love Neom products, especially this mini diffuser pod.  Personally have the regular pod that sits beside my bed and I put it on almost every night. However, I love the idea of this as you can move it around with you from your bedroom, to home office or even pop it in the car. The natural essential oil blends are divine and at just the touch  of a button will help you to achieve better sleep, less stress, a mood boost or more energy – just take your pick!

10. Double walled reusable coffee cup

So one of my pet peeves is having a nice warm drink on the go to find that only minutes later it has found  lukewarm status. I’m not a coffee drinker but I do love taking a matcha latte or herbal tea out on the go when heading for a walk or doing the school runs and thank goodness Chillies series 2 range has answered my prayers. These cups have been systematically engineered to ensure your drinks stay hot for up to 4 hours!!  And an extra bonus for lots of cute and colourful design choices.

11. Harmoni stand up desk

If you spend a lot of your time sitting at a desk and get little opportunity to move around but you  don’t want to cramp your office space with more furniture or unsightly and bulky desk solutions, Harmoni is the answer. There has been countless research to show the benefits of standing vs sitting when you  work and the Harmoni®ZOE is the perfect solution if you want something sleek and stylish and also want to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk without having to replace your existing desk. It truly is a smarter and healthier way of working. 

12. Wireless charger

Everyone needs a wireless charger, especially those busy professionals who are on the go and need to rely on being able to connect with the online world throughout the day. Although I am an advocate of phone free time and so a dead battery is sometimes a nice excuse to put away the screens, it is also incredibly frustrating and inconvenient when it happens at the wrong time. Personally I go rose gold, and I also love the range of Burga’s phone cases if you’re after a little tech refresh.

So there we have it, my top 12 personal recommendations for female business owners who are doing it all and need a bit more organisation, increased productivity and moments for wellbeing in their life!

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