Healthy Workplaces to help your people flourish and perform to their full potential

The success of your business relies on creating a healthy and supportive environment for your employees that promotes positive mental, physical and emotional health. If you're looking to have a competitive edge in the marketplace by building a culture of health and wellness,  you're in the right place. 

You don't need to have one or the other

The magic is in finding that sweet spot by challenging your team and increasing productivity, without compromising  employee health and happiness. 

Ultimately, supporting wellbeing in your organisation will inspire your employees to bring their best self to work, get more done, feel better, manage stress effectively and build high-performing habits that will benefit both the employee and the organisation. 

As much as yoga classes and healthy food vouchers are lovely incentives for your employees, supporting wellbeing goes much deeper. It’s about valuing and trusting your employees, promoting human connection, supporting physical and mental health and getting the right work-life balance.

Businesses that truly champion mental health and staff wellbeing will have a healthy work culture, high performing staff and increased profits. 


Increased employee commitment, trust and productivity

Employees who feel valued and listened to will be more engaged with company goals, feel positive about working collaboratively, and ultimately, will  perform to their optimum level.


A good workplace culture that fosters loyalty and high morale will keep staff for longer and reduce recruitment costs.

Reduced sickness absence and absenteeism

When wellbeing needs are met, employees will feel better and be less likely to take sick leave.

A more resilient workforce

Education around wellbeing will help people cope better with day-to-day stresses at work and at home. Having the right strategies in place will also help to prevent problems from arising or escalating.

A superior reputation

Investing in and creating a culture of wellbeing in the workplace sends a powerful message about your values and priorities and will help you attract the best new talent.

The facts


Nearly half of employees did not receive any wellbeing check-ins from their employer last year and a third of managers feel out of their depth supporting their team with mental health concerns (Mental Health First Aid England, 2023).

The 2023 Workplace health Report found that 76% of employees are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress (13% increase compared to data from 2022). 60% of employees feel anxious and 56% are experiencing symptoms of depression. Poor mental health is a factor that impacts productivity for almost 1 in 5 employees (Champion Health, 2023) and accounts for more than half of all work-related illnesses (Health and Safety Executive, 2022)

17 million working days were lost to stress-related absence in 2022 (Health and Safety Executive, 2022) and mental health problems cost the UK economy at least £118 billion a year (Mental Health Foundation and LSE).

One in five UK workers reported feeling unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace (Mental Health UK: Burnout, 2023).

According to a study of over 14,000 people at all levels of organisations across 13 countries by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, over 75% of people feel “stuck” personally and professionally. People report they had lost control over their futures (43%), their personal lives (46%), their careers (41%) and their relationships (39%). People feel trapped in their routines (27%) and they feel more lonely than they’ve ever felt before (26%).

Individual coaching sessions, from an initial 90 minute deep dive to regular 60 minute sessions.


Burnout to Balance - an 8 week online group coaching programme for up to 10 employees.


Wellbeing workshops across a range of topics, delivered in-person and online.




We all want to move forward in life, but it’s impossible to know where to go unless you are certain where you are starting. You’ll be tuning into your inner gauge, rating your energy and satisfaction levels in specific areas of your life, to reveal what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to change. You’ll also be connecting to your vision at a deeper level with a guided visualisation so you can gain clarity on what you’re working towards and be inspired to take action towards it. 



Your mindset is your most powerful asset, yet most people allow their mind to work against them. We’ll dive into the science of your mind, understanding what creates your mindset, where it may be holding you back and how you can train it to work for you. You’ll also walk away with practical daily mindset tools that you can use to reprogramme your brain to focus on the positive and feel more confident and resilient in your day-to-day.


Stress has been named ‘the health epidemic of the 21st Century’ with 85% of people experiencing stress regularly, so it can’t be ignored. We’ll be diving into the good, the bad and the ugly, understanding the stress process, what is currently causing stress in your life and what you can do about it. You’ll walk away with your own stress management toolbox to bring more calm and awareness into your life. 


Mindfulness is a practise that is on the front-lines of mental health preservation. It is more than just meditation, it is medicine for the mind. It has been found to improve mental resilience and capacity, so you are better able to cope with life’s challenges as well as improve your relationships, productivity and wellbeing. You’ll have the opportunity to relax and revitalise as well as learn the science behind this powerful skill and how it can fit into your busy lives. 


LET'S DO THIS together!

Supporting your workplace

I am here to help guide the conversation and educate your employees about wellbeing, work-life balance, confidence, burnout and stress in the workplace.  

I offer one-off sessions to a full curriculum of support and long-term partnerships, tailored to suit your team and your business. As well as wellbeing workshops I also offer an 8 week online group coaching programme called Burnout to Balance as well as individual coaching sessions for employees.

I believe that prevention is the foundation of good health and wellbeing, so my mission is to work with businesses like yours to educate and empower your employees to make positive changes in their lives. This will help to develop the culture, values and behaviours that lead to an engaged, thriving and healthy workforce.