"I have always considered myself a ‘healthy person’ but have had the propensity to drink too much which hugely affected my sleep. I had also struggled with being able to relax properly. What Charlotte showed me is how other areas of my life, such as my thinking styles, have such a profound impact on my overall wellbeing. 

Charlotte shared so many great tools and her approachable style felt so much more real, tangible and applicable, than the ‘namby pamby’ advice I have been given before. 

The most helpful part of the sessions were when she asked questions back on me, really making me consider my thoughts and beliefs. It was refreshing and powerful to have someone objectively assess how I conduct my life and helped more than I anticipated.

I am now much more aware of how my mental health is affected by things like scrolling on my phone or worrying what others think. I now have the tools to adapt the way I think and respond, and have more positive outcomes as a result. "

"It felt very much like to talking to a friend rather than someone who is judging me. "


This could be you....

"I started working with Char as I was struggling with work - life balance which was affecting many aspects of my wellbeing. She was a great listener and really understood the. challenges I. was facing, and helped to guide me to the. solutions. The sessions left me feeling positive and more in control and I had a clear direction to work towards. Having someone to keep me accountable was a great help as well, as we all need a kick up the bum sometimes."

"I noticed a considerable difference with regards to better sleep, more energy. and generally feeling more balanced."


"Charlotte managed to drag out of me goals I didn’t even realise I had and bring up things that were sitting under the surface which has made me face things I had been previously ignoring or putting off. I've discovered so much more I want to achieve."

"Each session left me feeling really pumped and excited, but most of all, the experience has really ignited my confidence."